Employee Self Service Relieve HR Adminstrative Burden, and Improve up to 80% HR Performance

Every Employee Will Get ESS Access to Zemangat Automatically

By inputting your employee’s personal data in Zemangat application, username and password information for accessing Zemangat will be automatically sent to the employee. HR doesn’t need to make any effort to inform employees one by one, our system will do it for you.



Employee Can Submit Their Request Easily Through Zemangat

Zemangat can help employee to submit their request for leave, permits, overtime or changing shifts through the application. This makes the HR process that previously took longer to be simpler and shorter. Submissions no longer use paper, with Zemangat the HR process become faster and more practical.


Easy Access For Employee to See Their Pay Slip and Shifts

Employee self-service from Zemangat allows your employee to access their respective payslips without having to ask for it to HR department. Not only that, employee can also view the shift schedule and remaining balance of the current annual leave whenever they need it.


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