Managing HR Practically in Hand

Employee Profile

Online attendance

shift schedule

Report for employee

Easier for You to Access and Identify Your Team Profile 

Some say, “Understand your co-workers better for a smooth working experience.”.


Technology for Employee Attendance

These days, people use smartphones to do almost everything. Now employees can record online attendance using their devices too! Zemangat has three parameters to validate employee attendance. The face recognition, Global Positioning System or GPS, and network checking. 


Managing Employee Shifts Has Never Been This Easy!

Zemangat assists HR managers in creating and managing working shifts practically and efficiently. The company will only need to arrange working shifts and apply to any period. Employees can see their work schedule through their smartphones and can also request shift changes. 


Easy to Access Reports Anytime

The HR department must prepare various reports from salary slips, leave recaps, and attendance reports. The employees also have the right to know the details of these reports. With Zemangat, HR does not need to prepare and share these reports one by one with each employee. Employees can access various reports whenever via the Zemangat mobile app.


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