Online Attendance with Full Features

Zemangat online attendance is the answer to all your company’s needs using face recognition, GPS, and network checking features. 

Easy Online Attendance Anywhere

Zemangat optimizes employee attendance without a fingerprint machine. Employees can record their attendance easily through their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Validate  Employee Attendance Automatically

Through Zemangat Attendance Anywhere, online attendance will be validated automatically by the system. Zemangat presents three automatic validation features: Face Recognition (selfie), GPS, and Network Checking.

Request Work Permits, Leaves, and Proceed Approvals at Ease

Employees can submit work permits, leaves, business trips, change shifts, and other requests easily and practically through Zemangat mobile apps. Supervisors and the HR department will need to approve requests.

Payroll Integration

Zemangat makes it easy by integrating attendance data into the payroll system. It will only need one click to proceed with all the required reports.

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