Payroll Software that will make your payday easier 

Zemangat provides payroll features that are integrated with online attendance to provide convenience in calculating salaries

Easy Software Payroll  Within One Click

The payroll calculation process may take a long time. Validating employee data and attendance, calculate salaries, insurance, tax is very overwhelming and exhausting. Using Zemangat, it will need just one click to proceed with the payroll calculations. 

Laporan Gaji lengkap

Payroll Software that Provide Complete Report

Zemangat provides detailed analytical information for further payroll analysis.  Salary report, tax report (E-SPT), 1721-A1 report, BPJS, electronic data bank transfer, etc can be accessed quickly and easily.


Absensi online secara mudah memberikan informasi lokasi karyawan saat melakukan absen

Online Attendance and Attendance Data Integration

All of the require data which are needed for the payroll calculation are available and integrated in one system. Attendance data can be directly integrated into payroll calculation within one click. Save up your time! Let us do your payroll calculation quickly and accurately. 

cek slip gaji lebih mudah langsung dari smartphone karyawan

Payslips through Mobile Phone

Zemangat facilitates employees to access payslips which are generated by the system. Once the payroll process is done, the payslips can be directly printed, sent to email, or accessed through the mobile phone.


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