Privacy Policy

In order to ensure that each of your data is always protected when you access the Platform and/or use the features in it developed by PT. Zemangat Anak Bangsa (“ Zemangat ” or “ We ”), We are committed to protecting the Data which is further regulated in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy (” Policy “) is a set of rules that is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions, which is made as the basis for all of our activities in terms of obtaining and collecting, processing, storing, displaying, distributing and destroying Data on the Platform. Definitions and terms beginning with a capital letter found on the Terms and Conditions page are deemed to have the same meaning and interpretation as the terms used in this Policy, unless otherwise specified in this Policy.

By accessing and/or using the Platform, you have read, understood and gave consent to Zeemangat to obtain, collect, store, manage and use the Data as stated in the Policy and bind yourself to all the provisions in this Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, then you are not allowed to access and/or use the Platform.

By complying with this Policy, you are also deemed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, where this Policy is an inseparable part and is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. The invalidity of the Terms and Conditions will not cause this Policy to be invalid, invalid, and/or unenforceable.

Data Acquisition or Collection

  1. When you access the Platform or use the features contained in the Platform, you directly or indirectly provide data to us. For example, when you register by creating an account on the Platform, we will collect and store your data in the form of your name, e-mail address, password, or other data needed so that you can have access to your account. In addition, we collect your data, among others, when you:
    • access the Platform and/or use the Features;
    • register by creating an Account on the Platform;
    • respond to surveys sent by us;
    • send your reviews, impressions, messages, criticisms and/or suggestions for us;
    • contact us, through the means of communication that we provide;
    • use Features that require access permissions on your device; or
    • enter information related to Data in any form into the Platform and/or Features.
  2. The data we collect is data that you provide to us in the way we have described previously. The data includes, among others:
    • data relating to your personal information and that of your employees including but not limited to employee names, employee personal data, company names, taxpayer identification numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses , business registration numbers, data related to management your company, and/or data related to the legality of your company’s establishment;
    • your response to surveys we provide;
    • Employee attendance list;
    • account information of you and your employees;
    • data related to the income of each employee, including but not limited to the amount of salary, benefits, years of service, bonuses, taxes, and other data related to the employee’s income;
    • Employee pay slips;
    • insurance provider data for Employees;
    • Employee medical data ;
    • employee assessment, competency, and performance data;
    • Employee training data;
    • employee candidate data;
    • function data and job details of each position in your company;
    • data regarding your company’s regulations or your company’s collective bargaining agreement;
    • data on permits, leave, and overtime for each employee;
    • real or approximate location data such as Internet Protocol address, Wi-Fi location, geo-location, and so on;
    • data in the form of the time of each usage activity, including registration, login , transaction, and so on;
    • your usage data and/or preferences, including your interactions in using the Platform and the settings selected on the Platform;
    • information about the software and hardware that you use to access the Platform and/or use the Features;
    • data records (logs), including records on servers that receive data such as device IP addresses, access dates and times, features or pages viewed on the Platform, application work processes and other system activities;
    • interactions, reviews, criticisms, suggestions and/or messages from you addressed to us, including everything that is disclosed when you contact us through the communication means we provide or when we provide assistance in solving problems that arise in connection with the use of the Platform; and/or
    • other things you do on the Platform and/or Features and other data that you enter into the Platform and/or Features or you submit to us.
  3. You hereby represent and warrant that the Data that you enter into the Platform and/or Features is your own data or the data you have obtained in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and has obtained the consent of the owner, and the data is based on the actual situation, and you are fully responsible for the data and you have full authority and/or the right to submit data to us, including releasing us from all civil lawsuits or criminal charges arising from misleading information in connection with the data you enter into the platform and/or Feature.
  4. You understand that in providing services, we rely on the accuracy of the data that you provide, therefore inaccuracies in the data will result in inaccuracy and less than optimal services that we provide to you. You hereby release us from responsibility for compensation, interest, and costs arising from the incompatibility of the services we provide to you, where this is due to the data information that you enter into the Platform and/or Features is misleading or inaccurate.
  5. In the event that the data provided belongs to a third party or your Employees, you hereby represent and warrant that you have obtained the consent of the third party or such Employee for the acquisition, use, processing, storage, and deletion of Data belonging to the third party or Employees on the Zemgat system. .
  6. We reserve the right from time to time to request authentication, verification and/or updating of your Data, so that your data and information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date, including temporarily/permanently suspending or not allowing you to optimally access certain Features in the event that you have not done so. authentication and updating of your personal data.
  7. By continuing to access the Platform, use our features, and/or other services, you hereby give express consent to us to obtain and collect data as described in Articles 1.1 and 1.2 of this Policy, and this consent is given without coercion, under conditions speaking, and consciously.

Data Usage

  1. The data that we have collected and obtained will be used entirely for your benefit and for us in accordance with this policy and applicable law in Indonesia. We may use the Data for, among other things:
    • process your data for your needs in accessing the Platform and/or using the Features;
    • process and/or submit the results of processing employee income data and employee tax withholding obligations by you;
    • organizing employee candidate data;
    • organizing Employee Data;
    • organizing documents related to Employees;
    • manage, operate, administer and provide you with the services offered on the Platform;
    • contact you regarding matters relating to your use and/or access to the Platform and the features available on the Platform;
    • personalize and/or make adjustments to the services we provide based on your data with the aim of customizing and maximizing your experience in using the Platform;
    • to communicate with you in connection with requests for criticism and suggestions;
    • notify you of interesting information, knowledge, polls, program(s) or promotions;
    • development of the Platform and/or Features in order to improve our services, including using the information obtained for the purpose of research, analysis, development and product testing in order to increase your security and convenience in accessing and using the Platform and/or Features, as well as developing Features and/or new product;
    • development of our business, services or marketing strategy;
    • measure and improve Platform user experience and satisfaction;
    • assist you when providing reports to us regarding the use of the Platform through the means of communication that we provide;
    • carry out monitoring or investigation of suspicious transactions or transactions indicated to contain elements of fraud or violations of the Terms and Conditions, or the provisions of Applicable Law, as well as take necessary actions as a follow-up to the results of the monitoring or investigation;
    • enforce and apply the provisions of the Terms and Conditions;
    • resolve complaints we receive and solve problems related to the Platform and/or Features in it; and/or
    • for other purposes notified to you at the time of data collection or for other purposes as long as it is carried out in accordance with Applicable Laws.
  2. You hereby understand that the use of the Features on the Platform requires authentication, verification, and/or updating of Data from you. By continuing to access the Platform, use our features, and/or other services, you hereby expressly consent to the use, utilization, and/or disclosure of your data, and state that your consent to the use and disclosure of data for such needs is carried out without coercion, in state of speech, and with a state of consciousness .

Data Sharing to Third Parties

  1. We respect the confidentiality of your data and we are committed not to sell, rent, display or distribute your data without your consent, unless otherwise specified in this policy. We will only disclose your Data to third parties with your consent.
  2. By continuing to access the Platform and use our other features or services, you hereby give consent in any form to disclose your data and you allow us to provide access, disclose and send such data to selected third parties who assist us in providing services to you. including supporting the implementation of payroll and other activities on the Platform (“ Selected Third Party ”), as well as indemnifying Us for any loss or damage arising from the failure of the Selected Third Party to secure your Data. You fully acknowledge that this consent is given without coercion, in a contingent condition, and with a conscious state.
  3. We cannot guarantee the security of your Data on any third party systems including Selected Third Party systems. We also have no control or responsibility for the privacy policies or content of these third parties. Therefore, we recommend that you continue to study and check the privacy policies of each third party, so that you can understand their terms in handling your data.
  4. We are authorized to disclose your Data to comply with court orders or lawful government agency decisions or the provisions of Applicable Laws. Then if possible and allowed, we will send a notification to you in the event that we disclose your data.
  5. You understand and agree that in order to develop the Platform, We may use and share your data and information that does not identify you individually, among others, to be processed, developed, and collaborated with Selected Third Parties or other third parties. We respect your privacy, so the data and information that we may use and share is data as a whole (aggregate) without identifying you individually.

Use of Cookies and Third Party Services

  1. Cookies  are text files that are placed on your computer for recording purposes. We use cookies to help us improve your convenience in accessing our platform.
  2. Cookies will record your Data such as data you enter into the Platform. For example, if you create an account on the Platform, cookies will help us to remember specific data for your next visit. When you re-access the Platform, the data you previously provided will be displayed again, so that activating cookies will make it easier for you to access the Platform.
  3. You can choose not to enable cookies on your browser in whole or in part, but when you do not enable cookies in their entirety (including essential cookies ), you may not be able to access all or part of the Platform and/or Features.
  4. In general, browsers have features to control most cookies. To find out more about cookies , including but not limited to managing, deleting and seeing what cookies are active, you are encouraged to visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org .
  5. We reserve the right to use third party services to analyze Data for us, such as Google Analytics and other third party services for the purpose of developing the Platform and Features. These third party services include, among others, collecting data from your visits and activities while accessing the Platform and using the Features.

Your Choice and Transparency

  1. In terms of using the Platform and using the Features We provide, We respect you by providing choices that include but are not limited to:
    • You can make changes to your profile information, Data on your Account through the Features on the Platform, in the event that you are registered as a User;
    • You can withdraw from notifications when there are new offers on the market, various latest promo information, and exclusive offers if you no longer want that information;
    • Your request to withdraw your consent to the acquisition, use, or disclosure of Your Data by giving notification to Us through the Contact Us means and You understand that the request for withdrawing your consent may result in Your access to the Platform being limited/no longer able to access the Platform.

Storage and Deletion

  1. Your data that you enter into the Platform or we obtain based on the provisions of Article 1 of this Policy will be stored with procedures and security facilities in accordance with the provisions of the legislation for the period specified in the laws and regulations based on the applicable law in Indonesia.
  2. We do not provide a means for you to delete your Account on Our Platform and Features. If you want to delete your account, you can submit a request for account deletion to us by including the reasons for deletion through the communication means listed in this policy. In the event that you delete your account, you consciously understand the consequences that you cannot use the Features and Platforms or other Zemangat services optimally because you are no longer registered as an active user. You need to know that even if you are no longer an active user registered on the Platform, your Data may still be stored for the period required under the provisions of Applicable Law.
  3. We have the authority to delete your account or close your access to the Platform based on our provisions, based on court decisions or decisions, and/or in accordance with laws and regulations. We will notify you by e-mail regarding the deletion of your Account or the closure of access to the Platform under this authority.
  4. We have the authority to delete your data based on a written request from you or based on our policies, in a way that we determine but still comply with the applicable law in Indonesia.

Limitation of Liability

  1. You are responsible for security and implement appropriate safeguards in safeguarding your Data such as, restricting access, creating strong passwords, safeguarding passwords, and/or maintaining One-Time Password (OTP).
  2. We are not responsible for the exchange and/or sharing of your Data that is carried out by you, including what you do through the Platform.
  3. Our Platform may contain links to other platforms maintained by third parties. In the event that you use these links, you must understand that we have no control over these platforms and/or other applications, so you acknowledge and warrant that we cannot/will be held responsible for the privacy policies of third-party platforms/applications based on those links and advise you to read the privacy policy of each platform/application you visit that collects Data.
  4. We are only responsible for the protection and security of your data only to the extent of the data stored in the system developed and managed by us and we will at all times take and take every reasonable step necessary to maintain and protect your data. By continuing to access the Platform, using our features, and/or other services, you waive your rights to claims, losses, demands, and lawsuits that you may have in the event of a failure of data protection that arises due to an element of negligence committed by you in maintaining the security and confidentiality of the Data and/or as a result of the actions of a third party trying to obtain the Data against the law.
  5. We are not responsible for the authenticity, authenticity, correctness, accuracy, completeness of the data provided by you.


  1. We always try to provide the best service for you in accessing the Platform or using Our Features so that we reserve the right to make changes to this Policy in order to adapt to business developments and applicable legal provisions. Changes to this Policy from time to time will be uploaded to the Platform so that you can read the changes to this Policy. If changes to this Policy are material to the Platform’s personal data and information, we will notify you before the changes become effective. By continuing to access the Platform, use our features, and/or other services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by changes to this Policy.
  2. If any provision or part of this Policy becomes invalid, unenforceable or becomes invalid, then We will adjust the provision so that it can be implemented in accordance with Applicable Law, with which the other provisions of this Policy will remain in full force and effect.
  3. In the event of a change of control or change of ownership of all or part of our business, including the Platform, in connection with a merger, consolidation, acquisition, establishment of a joint venture, transfer, bankruptcy, and/or other corporate action, your Data may/will become part of the transfer based on the corporate action.
  4. This policy can be translated into other foreign languages ​​other than Indonesian provided by us. It is possible that some parts of this Policy have different meanings, intentions or meanings when translated into other foreign languages. If there is a difference in interpretation between the Indonesian version and the foreign language version, the Indonesian version will prevail and you are encouraged to refer to the Indonesian version.

Contact us

You can submit questions, criticisms and suggestions, complaints, or complaints in connection with the Data via e-mail info@zemangat.com or telephone to the number 08982337888 during operating hours, namely from Monday-Friday 08:00 – 17:00 Indonesian Time Section West. In order for us to improve our services, all correspondence between you and us can be recorded or recorded by us.